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Understanding the logic behind the equations

Algebra Made Easy as Arithmetic

Algebra Made Easy as Arithmetic demonstrates how the application of basic arithmetic procedures can greatly simplify many algebraic operations.

Digit sums, for example, are not only used to check the results of arithmetic operations, but also used to quickly verify the answers in polynomial operations, factoring and solving quadratic and higher order polynomials.

It also shows that there are other approaches to algebraic solutions which some students may find simpler to use.

This is highly recommended for algebra students in high school, college or post-graduate levels.

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Algebra Made Easy As Arithmetic” is a terrific book that offers something for everyone. Math lovers will be challenged to understand why the tips and techniques actually work. On the other hand, students who need some help with Math can try out all the techniques, and pick out the ones that they like best.

I can recommend this book to all Algebra students, and to their teachers as well!

Annette Lagman
University of the Philippines System IT Consultant
Former Math and Computer Science Professor
James Madison University and Effat University


This book unlocks the ideas behind Algebra as applied to Arithmetic. To teachers, students and enthusiasts of Mathematics, go forth and multiply (no pun intended) using the techniques in “Algebra Made Easy As Arithmetic.”

Joselito Bautista
Corporate Planner and Math Enthusiast
Topnotcher, Electrical Engineering Board Exam of 1980


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