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A Teachers Handbook

Inspirational Maths from India

The growing worldwide interest in Vedic mathematics, and the current surge in enthusiasm to have the system taught in schools, has prompted the IAVM to produce this teacher’s handbook. Inspirational Maths from India provides an introduction to Vedic Mathematics. It is divided into two sections, the first for primary teachers and the second for secondary of high school teachers. In each chapter you will find worked examples, where each step is carefully explained, explanations of how the methods work and practice exercises for you to gain ‘hands-on’ experience and so achieve familiarity.

Vedic Maths is concerned with a universal structure of mathematics revealed through a personal approach to problem-solving and other fields of human activity. There are sixteen sutras and a similar number of sub-sutras and these succinctly express naturally occurring mental processes by which mathematical problems can be solved with the least effort.

Vedic Maths does not advocate sole use of blanket methods through which students can reduce problems to merely mechanical responses to given stimuli. Instead, it encourages an intelligent and holistic approach - one that engenders reason and develops strategic thinking. There are general methods as well as special case methods. If you find a problem can be solved by an easier or different method from what is commonly taught then that is used as a valid method, even if the problem is solved just by inspection.

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Collaboratively written and compiled by members of IAVM

The Institute for the advancement of Vedic Mathematics (IAVM)is a UK based charity established to promote, disseminate, research and support the system of Vedic Mathematics internationally. It is affiliated with the Vedic Maths Academy. The trustees are among the world’s leading authorities on Vedic Mathematics.


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